Sydney Striders – Official Pacer Profiles

Keep an eye out for runners with the Sydney Strider flags as they are the official pacers for the Real Insurance Sydney Harbour 10k & 5! Better stick with them if you have a target finish time and they will help get you there.

Sydney Striders Pacers – for the Sydney Harbour 5k

Louise Arnott
Louise Arnott5k Pacer: 00:25 mins
Mike Morrissey
Mike Morrissey5k Pacer: 00:25 mins
Matt McCarron
Matt McCarron5k Pace: 00:30 mins
Laura Lincoln
Laura Lincoln5k Pacer: 00:30 mins
Lisa Ivers
Lisa Ivers5k Pacer: 00:35 mins
George Herisson
George Herisson5k Pacer: 00:35 mins

Sydney Striders Pacers – for the Sydney Harbour 10k

Greg Churchill
Greg Churchill10k Pacer: 00:40 mins
Neil Pearson
Neil Pearson10k Pacer: 00:40 mins
Alana Plymin
Alana Plymin10k Pacer: 00:45 mins
Goji Enomoto
Goji Enomoto10k Pacer: 00:45 mins
Nigel Huband
Nigel Huband10k Pacer: 00:50 mins
Gregory Dominish
Gregory Dominish10k Pacer: 00:50 mins
Richard Willcock
Richard Willcock10k Pacer: 00:55 mins
Greg Bawden
Greg Bawden10k Pacer: 00:55 mins:
James Liew
James Liew10k Pacer: 00:60 mins
Gilbert Gaddie
Gilbert Gaddie10k Pacer: 00:60 mins
Maddie Mckillop
Maddie Mckillop10k Pacer: 00:65 mins
Sarah Pinder
Sarah Pinder10k Pacer: 00:65 mins